Irish Association of Rehabilitation Medicine

Meeting held 8 & 9th June - thank you to all who contributed! 33 Speakers, 4 Sponsors, 50 Attendees!


Thursday June 8th: 1st National Symposium on Research in Rehabilitation
Start-time End Speaker Role Topic
14:00 CHAIR Dr Mark Delargy   Clinical Director/ Consultant in Rehabilitation, National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH) WELCOME
14:05 14:20 Dr. Paul Carroll Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, NRH, St. Vincent's University  Hospital, The Royal Hospital Donnybrook, Dublin “Restlessness for Possibility and Asking for Dignity”
14:20 14:40 Dr. Fiadhnait O’Keeffe Senior Clinical Neuro-psychologist, NRH “Hearing vulnerable voices and including the excluded: capacity, consent and ethics”
14:40 15:00 Elizabeth Maguire Chair of the Ethics Committee, NRH “Perspectives from an Ethics Committee”
15:00 15:20 Dr. Anne Cody Health Research Board “Funding opportunities for rehabilitation medicine research”
15:20 15:40 Mr. Ian Callanan Clinical Audit Co-ordinator, St. Vincent’s Healthcare Group “The Pillars of Hercules: Clinical Audit and Research”
15:40 16:00 Rebecca O’Connor Music Therapist, NRH “Collaborative research; the challenges and benefits of undertaking interdisciplinary international multi-site studies in music therapy”
16:00 16:20 Dr. Mary Elizabeth Walsh Postdoctoral Researcher and Honorary Lecturer, RCSI "Journey into research: getting started and keeping going"
16:20 16:40 Harriet Doig Information, Advocacy & Research Officer Multiple Sclerosis Society “Using internet platforms to recruit participants and raise awareness of research studies: examples from research in Multiple Sclerosis”
16:40 17:10 BREAK   POSTER VIEWING  
17:10 CHAIR Dr Angela McNamara Honorary Secretary of European Academy of Medicine (EARM)  
17:10 17:25 Carol Rogan PhD Candidate (Maynooth), Acquired Brain Injury Ireland “An examination of the effectiveness of a cognitive group intervention for people with Acquired Brain Injury”
17:25 17:40 Sarah Brandon School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science, UCD “Effects of an In-patient Physiotherapy Rehabilitation on Mobility Outcomes following Spinal Cord Injury and Acquired Brain Injury in NRH: a retrospective chart review”
17:40 17:55 Geoffery Yu Physiotherapist, NRH “The Management of Post-Operative Oedema in Lower Limb Amputation in Major Amputation Hospitals in the Republic of Ireland”
17:55 18:15 Prof Evelyn Gordon School of Nursing and Health Sciences, DCU “Researching Sensitive Topics in Vulnerable Populations: Examples from the field of Suicide”
18:15 18:35 Gerard Murphy Service User “Research gives us hope; a service user perspective”
18:35 18:55 Dr. Sarah Donnelly Assistant Professor in Social Work, School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice, UCD “Action Research and Participatory Action Research in Healthcare-Insights and Case Examples”
18:55 19:30 Prof Rory O’Connor Charterhouse Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, Academic Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Leeds Institute of Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Medicine, University of Leeds “The future of rehabilitation research: learning from the light and dark of the past”
19:30 19:35 Wrap-up


Thursday Evening Conference Dinner



Friday  June 9th Morning Session: “The Heart of the Mind”
Start-Time End Speaker Role Topic
08:30 08:35 Dr John MacFarlane  

Consultant in Rehabilitation, Mercy University Hospital, Cork University Hospital, Cork
08:35 09:00 Dr. Kieran O’Driscoll Consultant Neuropsychiatrist, NRH and Bloomfield Hospital “…no longer Gage”; learning from Phineas
09:00 09:25 Dr. Maria Frampton Consultant Psychiatrist, NRH and St. Vincent’s University Hospital 'Don't worry be happy doc': resilience after trauma
09:25 09:50 Dr. Sara O’Doherty Paediatric Clinical Neuropsychologist, NRH “What children can tell us”
09:50 10:15 Deirdre Dooley Head of Training & Clinical Services, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital/ UCD Family Therapy Training Programme "The heart of the mind: a systemic lens"
10:15 10:30 Mary Corr Relative and Carer of a person with significant traumatic Brian Injury “Traumatic Brain Injury - a family experience”
10:30 10:45 Panel Discussion
11:15 CHAIR Dr Josephine Hillan Consultant in Rehabilitation, Musgrave Park Hospital, Belfast
11:15 11:40 Sr. Stan Kennedy Founder of Focus Ireland “Moving From the Head to the Heart in Service”
11:40 12:00 Alvin Chan Service User “The Journey to Recovery”
12:00 12:30 Dr. Olivia Gosseries FNRS Post-Doctoral Researcher, Coma Science Group, University of Liege, Belgium “From Brain to Consciousness, lessons from coma and related states”
12:30 12:50 Valerie Twomey Clinical Neuropsychologist and Programme Manager, NRH Goal Me, Whole Me: “Treatment Burden in Irish Stroke Survivors”
12:50 13:00 Panel Discussion


Lunch in Concourse and Poster Viewing 13:00 – 14:00 



Friday June 9th  Afternoon Session: “Assistive Technology and Bio-Interfaces”
Start Time End Speaker Role Topic
14:00 CHAIR Sarah McNally Occupational Therapist, Stroke Service, St Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin  WELCOME
14:05 14:35 Siobhan Long    

 & James Brosnan
National Manager, Assistive Technology and Seat-Tech Services, Enable Ireland

Technology service user
"Assistive Technology: tapping into recent technology trends to enable access and social inclusion for people with diverse needs."
14:35 15:05 Dr Gerald Craddock Chief Officer, Centre for Excellence in Universal Design, National Disability Authority. "Applying A Universal Design approach: The Missing Link between Assistive Technology and the Mainstream?"
15:05 15:20 Orna McGinley School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science, UCD “Gym-BoREE: a gym-based Exoskeleton Evaluation: End User Perspectives of a Robotic Walking Device in a Gym-setting”
15:20 15:40 Dearbhla Burke MICSP PhD candidate, School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science, UCD Technology – Gateway to Freedom: Year 2030 “From a Centre to a Screen”
1600 CHAIR Conor Leonard Operations Manager, The Royal Hospital Donnybrook, Dublin  
16:00 16:30 Prof John W Krakauer

(Interview via Skype)
Professor of Neurology, Neuroscience & Physical Medicine, & Director of the Brian, Learning, Animation and Movement Laboratory (BLAM), John Hopkins University School of Medicine Trans-Atlantic interview: questions on research, animation and dolphins in stroke rehabilitation
16:30 16:50 Dr. Ken Monaghan Director Clinical Health & Nutrition Centre (CHANCE) for Research, Programme Chair for Health Sciences, School of Science, IT Sligo “The future of Cross-Education of strengthening and Mirror Therapy for the stroke population”
16:50 17:10 Dr. Cristina Simoes-Franklin Medical Physicist, National Cochlear Implant Programme,  Beaumont Hospital, Dublin “The Gift of Sound: 20 years of Cochlear Implantation in Ireland”
17:10 17:30 Dr. Brian McNamee Lecturer, School of Computer Science, University College Dublin. Principal Researcher at Centre for Applied Data Analytics Research (CeADAR) “Exploring the Use of Machine Learning for Assistive Technology and Bio-interfaces”